Speaking Aid

Speaking Aid is for those who have speech impairments. It utilizes touch and keyboard input, and is designed with speed and simplicity in mind.

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Speaking Aid is Super Simple.

It is as trivial as typing and clicking the return key, and out comes speech. There is no mucking about. All for as little as 99c on the apple app store.

Super Simple

To get started, all you need to do is, type and press enter. Words will then come out of the device.

Multiple Orientations

With carefully thought-out design, speaking aid supports both portrait and landscape orientations.

Save Phrases

Save phrases for quick playback. Assign audio and images to phrases to fully customize the experience.


Speakind aid runs on both iPhone and iPads. Purchase once and run on both!

Want more? Don't be afraid to ask.

All comments, suggestions and feedback are taken fully on-board. It's your opinion that matters. So please bombard us with correspondence- we reply to everyone.

Released in 2.0

We are very excited to announce new features offering fine-grained control over a much larger variety of high-quality voices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer below or still unsure? Drop us an email. We are always happy to chat.

Please ensure that your device has its volume turned all the way up and is not on silent. Even if you have the ringer at full volume, nothing will be played if on silent. If your problem persists, please drop us an email with your device details.
Speaking Aid is locked at max volume. This means that all volume control is done at the device level. Unfortunately we have had reports of extremely low volume on certain devices. This is a problem in our synthesizer that will be fixed in Version 2.0.
Unfortunately this is a limitation of our current speech synthesizer, where certain devices do not offer as high as quality as others. This issue will be addressed in version 2.0 where we will be offering a much larger range of new higher quality voices.
We will absolutely consider it. Drop us an email and if it is feasible, expect to see it in the next version.
Absolutely. We plan to in the future. If this interests you please let us know.

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